Do You Remember?

Written for Haibun Monday – A Little Romance. Don’t we all have those moments we lock away for a rainy day?


There was no design, or plan. No thought of what might happen. It was just a touch, just an accidental touch.  I reached for a glass, he reached for his, skin touched skin and just then, just for a moment, I knew it wasn’t over.

I can’t remember where we were or even who we were with. I can’t remember the song that was playing or what was in my glass. But I remember the touch.

Too afraid to let go, yet too afraid of what it meant. We didn’t move our hands.

That night we left together.

Over twenty years later I can still feel that touch. I don’t know where you are, or what you’re doing now. But I like to think you feel it too.


A moment to feel,

A lifetime to remember,

Some hurts never mend.


If I Only…

heart isg

I think the words I cannot say

And write the life I cannot play,

I paint the scene I cannot see

To sculpt a truth I cannot free.


I breathe the air I cannot taste,

And sate the thirst I cannot place,

I fuel the need I cannot meet,

To feed a hunger I cannot cheat,


I feel the heat I cannot quell

And touch the tinder I cannot fell,

I chase the space I cannot reach

To storm a wall I cannot breach.


……   If I only had more time.