Through The Storm


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When the mist rolls in,

I’ll call your name,

You’ll hear my voice,

Through the falling rain,

And as echoes weave,

Their web of need,

I’ll catch your tears,

So your sorrow’s freed,


When the storm begins,

I’ll hold your hand,

The lightest touch,

But you’ll understand,

And as darkness falls,

When all seems wrong,

You’ll sense me there,

And I’ll keep you strong,


When the lights go out, I’ll guide you home.


When the sun is shining,

And the rain is falling still,

It’s the devil and the angels,

Who dance around free will,

Where experience and longing,

Regret and dark refrain,

Are guilty pleasures teasing,

The madcap and the sane,

But when the water rises,

To pool an altered course,

The sins we’ve carried forward,

Are drowned in warm remorse,

For when the storm has broken,

And the sun begins to fall,

All those past transgressions,

Are but stains upon the wall.


Love In The Rain

No 5  – ‘The Rain’ Series



The melody of rainfall,

And the rhythm within,

The damp scent of love,

As skin touches skin,

The deliquesced tendrils,

Of liquefied bliss,

That coil in compliance,

Against the first kiss,

As listless submission,

Now enters the game,

To draw in the hungry,

Like moths to a flame,

And drowning acceptance,

That splinters my core,

Is swelled by the need,

Of wanting much more,

For lost in the rapture,

Our bodies entwined,

I’m awash in the fullness,

And the feel is divine.

The Sound of the Rain

No 4 – ‘The Rain’ Series



I wake to the sound,

Of somebody weeping,

To the fall of the rain,

Its cadence is beating,

The pattering rhythm,

Upon a tin roof,

Like the clatter of horses,

And their cantering hoofs,

Where teardrop expulsions,

Of somebodies pain,

Are masked by the thunder,

That’s taps a glass pane,

And sentient beings,

Respond with allure,

To the tears of the angels,

That pool at your door,

For into your heart,

The raindrops install,

A reason for rising,

Each time that you fall.