Another Stitch In Time

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In an alleyway of red brick, a single street lamp flickered erratically. The smell of rot and decay so pungent, even the rats held their nose and scurried off.

It was raining. The relentless downpour, powerless to dilute the stench.

Then amidst the deluge, a beacon.

A light.

An open shop doorway.

Hints of honey and bees wax teasing the nose. Warmth, settling over shoulders chasing away the chill.

The air singing of bygone days of grandeur and romance, of visitors and expectations. Like catching ghosts off guard, running through the shadows, slipping back into the walls.

Another stitch in time.

Capturing A Moment

cam 3

Can you photograph a moment,

Just one moment at a time,

Can you capture all its essence,

All its lustre and its shine,


Can you bottle every second,

Catch emotions as they fall,

Can you drink until you’re sated,

And not drown amidst the squall,


Can you savour every minute,

Taste its spice upon your tongue,

Can you sample every flavour,

And know when each begun.

Tic Toc



Photo  –

The tic and the toc,

 Of the striking clock,

The pit and the pat,

Of the rain on the mat,

The ying and the yang,

Of the good and the bad,

And the smiles and the tears,

Of the happy and sad,


The tic and the toc,

Of the striking clock,

The to and the fro,

Of the echoes that flow,

The cradle and grave,

Of the free and the slave,

And the pain and the tears,

Of a life in arrears,


The tic and the toc of the striking clock.

Time To Let Go


When I was young I thought as a child,

Life was an adventure to play and to hide,

Fear was for grownups and alarm was ignored,

Worry was distant and dreams were explored,


But as I grew older the veil fell away,

Life was much harder with no time to play,

Worry and rejection were everyday fears,

And dreams of adventure were washed away tears,


But now I’m the woman of the child I remembered,

It’s time that I salvaged the dreams I surrendered,

It’s time to find love and time to find hope,

And time to relinquish my hold on the rope.