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Would you let someone in,

Anyone at all,

Just to know,

Or to see,

What it’s like to be warm,

Would you comfort a stranger,

Not knowing their name,

Just to be held,

To be wrapped in the flame,

Would you open yourself,

Your heart and your soul,

Knowing of the frost,

When the fire grows cold.

Can You?


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Can you catch me a wish,

A look or a smile,

Capture a teardrop,

And hold it a while,


Can you bring me a feeling,

Wrapped up in lace,

An imprisoned assurance,

That I can embrace,


Can you grasp me a thought,

Like a want or a need,

And steal me a wonder,

To grow from a seed,


Can you show me the promise,

In a trust and a hope,

And rescue them for me,

These dreams they evoke.

Today Was The Day

Today was the day,

I saw your eyes smile,

The sparkle, the first,

I’d seen in a while,

I saw the shade change,

From blue to marine,

As clear as an ocean,

The deepest I’d seen,

I saw my reflection,

In the infinite abyss,

And I let myself wonder,

Would I drown in your kiss,

Your smile reached your mouth,

And I felt myself fall,

Your arms wrapped around me,

And I surrendered my all.



Come and converse,

In a language unspoken,

Leave me defenceless,

With a touch that is vocal,

Tease me with words,

That caress o’er skin,

The language of love,

And the accent of sin,

Engage me in rapture,

With semantic finesse,

And heighten my senses,

With the prose of excess,

Where teasing linguistics,

Abandon free will,

And the taste of expression,

Is the ink that you spill,


So come and converse,

And bid me confess,

That you are the author,

Of the needs I possess.