Lights, Camera, Action

Time again for Friday Fictioneers, my Wednesday addiction. Over 100 people every week get jiggy with their creativity to attempt the 100 word flash photo prompt. Just follow the link to read the others or join in yourself.


Those faded lights of Kubla Khan,

Do mourn the passing light of dawn,

Where age has pulled the greatest coup,

And stolen youth and beauty too.


Shadows dancing cheek to cheek,

When saying no was seen as weak,

Rugged men and scarlet ladies,

Passions burned by flames of Hades.


Scented hint of greasepaint lingers,

Teasing touch like dust on fingers,

Tears and joy and cans of laughter,

Echoes blurred by life lived after.


Memories held of lifetimes past,

The parts we lost, the parts we grasped,

The stage became our warped addiction

And still we crave “Lights, Camera, Action”.

56 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. At first I questioned your use of Kubla Khan as just mystically convenient, but if you look at the stage as a sort of “Pleasure Dome” — as in the Coleridge poem, I think it fits nicely. Sorry to get all academic on you, darling, but I was an English major — can’t you tell? I’m outstanding in my field. Like a farmer.
    (Rim shot, snare, exit stage left….)

    • Lol, go for it. There was method in my madness though as paradise lost was in my head, although you gotta love how the letters drop off your tongue “Kubla Khan” sweet……;)

  2. I don’t usually comment on poetry because it’s not really my forte (I know this from having written a handful of pieces which are still a source of embarrassment to me) but I thought this was terrific. The problem with rhyming couplets is usually that the piece can sound a bit ‘forced’ but I thought this was perfectly executed. My only quibble would be the use of ‘do mourn’. I always think the use of the word ‘do’ before the main verb is a bit of a cop-out, and I’d prefer to have seen some other two syllable word there. But really well done, I’m totally impressed.

  3. A vivid and wonderfully woven poem. I’m sure that those who work in show business would greatly appreciate it and be able to relate even deeper. I especially enjoyed “The stage became our warped addiction.” It seems to capture the effect that once you follow your passions, it’s nearly impossible to stop.

  4. Helen I love the cadence of this piece. The thespian in me often walks the line between character on and off the stage. Made me think of Shakespeare’s “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances,” Loved this!

  5. Helen, for me this was just perfect. I have read it three times now and the enjoyment doesn’t lessen. The line ‘where age has pulled the greatest coup’ is quite brilliant.
    Have you published any poetry, because you should definitely do so

    • Thanks for reading, glad you liked 🙂 No, I’ve never published any of my poems. I only wrote my first poem a few months ago really so still fairly new to it, I may start to put something together soon though, as I seem to be building a fair size portfolio, even if it is unintentionally 😉

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