Is There Anybody There?

OMG, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. I need to stop getting so excited about my weekly foray into Friday Fictioneers, as I’m sure I’m wishing the days away. Follow the link to read the other time chasers creatively confined by the ever gracious Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

A 100 word (approx) piece of fiction based on a weekly photo prompt.


Photo Copyright ; Douglas M. Macilroy


Lucy’s eyes shot between the screen and the candles, flames and pixels blurring shadows across the walls. A small flicker of trepidation bubbled in her stomach as her hand hovered over the keyboard.


“No, I told you this was ridiculous” frustration quickened her reply,

“Give it time” retorted the older woman.

Suddenly the demi light, the dancing flames and the gentle hum of the hard drive took on an almost hypnotic cadence. Her eyes were drawn back to the screen as a faint message floated across.

“H  e  l  l  o”

Then nothing, as the battery went flat!

“Séance’s used to be so much simpler” said the exasperated medium.



21 thoughts on “Is There Anybody There?

  1. I expect those on the “other side” are just as frustrated when technology goes wrong in such situations. They probably spend all their time floating around mediums whispering “charge the iPad, charge the iPad” the morning before a seance 🙂

  2. Dear Helen,

    My mother always told me to strike a happy medium. Lucky this one is exasperated instead. Great story here. The computer age has probably caused a boom in phony seance services.



  3. Wow, I truly didn’t expect that sort of ending! I love how you really set the scene here! As far as the technical difficulties, sometimes it’s best to stick to the basics! 😀 This was highly entertaining, Helen!

  4. Haha! So clever. That problem is fixed in Seance 2.23a with the requisite patch of course. A fascinating mix of the old and new. This one is a winner!

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