All Is Gone.

So here we are again, another Wednesday and time for Friday Fictioneers. Have a look at the link and follow the other great participants.


The end it came with lightning speed,

And upon the wind we felt its need,

Its hunger fed on bricks and mortar,

Quenching thirst with rising water.


The darkness came and I could not see,

And yet I sensed what would never be,

I would not scale those mountain tops,

Nor fly on wings o’er gold-tinged crops.


I would not walk through lilac vales,

Nor hear of whispered fairy tales,

I would not sing of loves embrace,

Nor feel its breath upon my face.


For hope was lost, its purpose wain,

Like carts forsaken in the rain.

40 thoughts on “All Is Gone.

  1. Excellent, Helen, and so sad. In the last two lines, is it supposed to be “vain” (its purpose wain”)?

    Just FYI (to keep my grammar nazi status current), “gold tinged” should have a hyphen.

    • Thank you, I was using ‘wain’ to mean its purpose was obsolete, no longer needed, it’s a term I had in my head, it might be a regional thing, lol. I couldn’t possibly ignore a grammar nazi, ha ha – hypen now added 🙂

  2. So, so good. You build a disappointment with all the lines of things not being able to do, then stopped me in my tracks with the bleak image in the last two lines to bring it back to the photo.

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