Life is a Book



If your life was a story in a book you could borrow,

Would you skip through today in the search for tomorrow,

Would you open the page where your childhood came first,

Or go straight to the back and read from reverse.


If life was begun with the wisdom of age,

Would mistakes still be written upon every page,

Would a lifetime of knowledge erase all the wrong,

Would hindsight determine the weak from the strong.


If love was revisited again and again,

Would you search for a shelter or drown in the rain.

Would the passions ignited be nourished and fed,

Would you follow your heart instead of your head.


If the innocence of childhood was a gift to the old,

Would you walk in the park and swing from an oak.

Would you banish the shackles of where you had been,

And never be hindered by what you had seen.


If your life was a story in a book you could borrow,

There would be no today, no yesterday or tomorrow.


36 thoughts on “Life is a Book

  1. I really enjoyed this. Made me think of what a character in my book says at one point, “If we knew what was round the corner, I don’t reckon we’d ever get out of bed.” I like your more hopeful possibilities better!

  2. Reblogged this on Sheri de Grom and commented:
    I was caught off center as I read the poetry of Helen Midgley. I’ve spent many hours reading my own journals from the past four decades in hopes of capturing accurately the emotions and events that have accutally occurred during Tom’s and my search for the best medical care possible for him. My library shelves have become filled with fournals and then I relegate them to the attic once again.

  3. i very much like this piece – i read it the other day – and was short on time to respond. you pose some very interesting questions, which, in all honestly find very conflicting (speaking for myself, of course). i kinda wish i could go straight to the end, but then if i did that, i would be unable to go back to the beginning and remedy the errors or fix misfortunes and situations before they can arise. it is almost bittersweet, if i think about it. i suppose life is better read from the front to the back – though in many ways, it is bittersweet, as well. However, i suspect that when the end comes, most of what we see now as difficulty and pain, will have faded quite a bit and not seem as difficult. xx

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