You’ll Know Why


I would walk for a hundred mile,

Just to hear your voice, to see your smile,

I’d scale a mountain way up high,

Just to see you soar, to watch you fly.


I’d swim the length of an ocean wide,

To watch you float on a moonlit tide,

I’d catch the stars that light the sky,

And gather diamonds passing by.


I’d steer the moon that claims the night,

To swathe you in its resplendent light,

I’d weave a path through constellations,

Trailing dreams and declarations.


I’d keep the sun from slumbers wake,

To catch your dreams before they break,

And I’d hold them in my palms up high,

So you’d know love and you’d know why.



I had a recommendation from the very talented to check out  ‘Romantic Monday’.  Such a great way to spend a Monday, so I wrote this piece with that in mind.

23 thoughts on “You’ll Know Why

  1. I saw this phrase in a sign today while out Christmas shopping. It captured exactly how I feel about my daughter…over the moon in love with her. God’s most wonderful gift to me, and my husband, ever. And what you wrote so beautifully captures the essence of those words. Bless your talent for lovely verse…

    • Thank you for such a beautiful comment. I’m so glad it came across like that. I wrote it not really thinking of any particular relationship and hoped it would cover different things for different people 🙂

  2. This is beautiful. You definitely write poetry with heart and soul; not to mention you have great rhythm. I love (prefer) rhyme and structure. It is difficult to believe you are a beginner poet (not that I have been at it for very long either).

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