What Is Love?


Love is a layer,

Of butter cream icing,

Love is the embrace,

I feel when we’re dancing,

Love is the melody,

That plays in my head,

Long after the music,

Has left me for bed.


Love is a scent,

Of apple blossom trees,

Love is the honey,

From regal queen bees,

Love is the taste,

Of liquid pure gold,

Left on my lips,

Forever enthralled.


Love is a touch,

Of soft fallen snow,

Love is the warmth,

From a fireside’s glow,

Love is the feeling,

That flows through my blood,

Pulsating and yearning,

To be all that it could.

8 thoughts on “What Is Love?

  1. This is very sweet and beautiful, darling. Unfortunately, it also got a certain song stuck in my head… baby don’t hurt me… don’t hurt me.. no more…

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