Love In The Rain

No 5  – ‘The Rain’ Series



The melody of rainfall,

And the rhythm within,

The damp scent of love,

As skin touches skin,

The deliquesced tendrils,

Of liquefied bliss,

That coil in compliance,

Against the first kiss,

As listless submission,

Now enters the game,

To draw in the hungry,

Like moths to a flame,

And drowning acceptance,

That splinters my core,

Is swelled by the need,

Of wanting much more,

For lost in the rapture,

Our bodies entwined,

I’m awash in the fullness,

And the feel is divine.

4 thoughts on “Love In The Rain

  1. Wow… I had to learn some new words for this one, darling! Again, tell me to mind my own business or tell me that you’re not interested in feedback, but there’s one line that just has awkward syllables and sticks out — For secreted in rapture. What about “To be lost in rapture”? Just a thought.
    (Oh, I’m only making suggestions because I really think that you should put together an anthology. I love your writing.)

    • I really appreciate the feedback. A line comes into my head, ten minutes later I’m happy with the length so I post. I edit as quick as I write unfortunately. Someone else’s input is always good, especially for picking up something I missed. 😉

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