The Wives Club

Time again for ‘Friday Fictioneers’. A weekly 100 word photo prompt hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. A merry band of over 100 people participate each week. Becoming addicted is guaranteed, resistance is futile…..


Ted’s confidence lasted about as long as the ice in his Sangria. Sally watched his eyes flit from one woman to another; a little blonde by the wall, the brunette, another blonde by the kitchen. She watched his tongue slip out just a fraction over his lips. Stood by the doorway, she couldn’t miss the tiny beads of sweat on his forehead or the dark patch of dampness spreading across his chest.

“Shall I introduce you to my husband ladies?” she said scornfully,

Ted swallowed.

“Or should I say OUR husband”

Their eyes met.  Sally smiled. Ted’s legs gave way.

38 thoughts on “The Wives Club

  1. this is priceless. absolutely priceless. this reminded me of a memory and a thought – my ex would always check out any and all women – he thought I was totally oblivious, that he was some sort of slyyyy dog – NO – i saw it all of the time.

  2. Um, you know that’s illegal outside of Utah, darling! Delicious tale — the sheer terror Ted faces at the end there is priceless.

  3. Love that Sally’s got game! Well done Helen; really draws us into the story. The final sentence in the first paragraph seems to be off by a word? “Stood by the doorway,” should that be Standing? Otherwise, I got a little confused there.

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